Funeral Poems, Readings, Music, Quotations & Thoughts

A Reading from the Quaker Tradition, William Penn

Quakers have no creeds, no priests and no prayerbook but a wonderful tradition of tolerance, temperance and non violence. These are the words of William Penn, founder of the state of Pennsylvania, slightly rearranged to make a short reading suitable for a funeral: Tho' Death be a Dark Passage it leads to Immortality. The truest end of Life is to [...] Read more

All Things Pass ~ Lao Tzu

Ancient words are always comforting. They remind us that loss and grief has always been part of life, part of the human condition. In the sixth century BC the great Chinese philosopher and father of Taoism had this to say: A sunrise does not last all morning All things pass A cloudburst does not last all day All things pass Nor a sunset all night [...] Read more