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Wordsworth on the Loss of his Brother

William Wordsworth had a younger brother John who was a sea captain. William didn't often see his brother but loved him nonetheless. John Lost his life at sea in 1805 and here from Wordsworth's letters are some of his thoughts on loss and grief, edited and arranged to make a short reading;

We weep much to-day, and that relieves us. Grief will, and must, have its course; there is no wisdom in attempting to check it under the circumstances which we are all of us in here. We see nothing here that does not remind us of our dear brother; there is nothing about us that he has not known and loved. I never thought of him but with hope and delight.

For myself, I feel that there is something cut out of my life which cannot be restored.

A thousand times have I asked myself,  ’why was he taken away?’ and  In fact, there is no other answer which can satisfy and lay the mind at rest. Alas! what avails it? It was the will of God that he should be taken away.

Time only can give us regular tranquillity. I shall never forget him—never lose sight of him: there is a bond between us yet, the same as if he were living, nay, far more sacred,

But let me stop: I will not be cast down; were it only for his sake, I will not be dejected.

Ivan Constantinovich Aivazovsky - Shipwreck in the North Sea

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