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Edgar Guest wrote some 11,000 poems in his life,Edgar Guest 1935 published in newspapers and books and heard on his radio shows. He was a popular poet, never a literary one, much loved in America where he lived and in England where he was born.

Some people find his writing sentimental but I love the plain language and the memorability of his verses. He voices what we all feel, without pretension and when it comes to funerals we need words to express the simple and profound feelings we share.


Never a sigh for the cares that she bore for me
Never a thought of the joys that flew by;
Her one regret that she couldn't do more for me,
Thoughtless and selfish, her Master was I.

Oh, the long nights that she came at my call to me!
Oh, the soft touch of her hands on my brow!
Oh, the long years that she gave up her all to me!
Oh, how I yearn for her gentleness now!

Slave to her baby! Yes, that was the way of her,
Counting her greatest of services small;
Words cannot tell what this old heart would say of her,
Mother -- the sweetest and fairest of all.

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